Service Charges

Bank ServicesCharges
Misc. Certificate issuanceHK$ 50 or equivalent
Bankers endorsementHK$ 100 or equivalent
Certificate of BalanceHK$ 100 or equivalent
Auditor confirmationHK$ 200 or equivalent
Service charges Current AccountHK$ 250 per half year or equivalent
Min. Balance Current AccountHK$ 20 per month or equivalent if the balance falls Below HK$ 1000 – on any day during the month
Additional Statement of a/cNIL
Min. balance in Saving Fund a/cHKD 20 or USD 5 If balance falls below HKD 1000 or USD 1000, respectively, on any day during the quarter
Cheque returning charges*
*If cheques returned due Technical errors at
ours - The charges will be NIL
HK$ 75 or USD 10
Stop Payment instructionHK$ 75 or USD 10
Cancellation of Stop paymentHK$ 75 or USD 10
Return of direct debitHK$ 75 or USD 10
Account closed within one yearHK$ 150 or USD 20
Cheque book deliveryFree by ordinary post,
Actual Postage charges if sent by registered post
Standing InstructionsHK$ 75 or equivalent
Amendment to standing InstructionsHK$ 50 or equivalent

Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications required.
Working Hours
Mondays to Fridays
10.00 am to 04.30 pm
[Except Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays]